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Jan Kaucký is a partner in VAT Forum, a European network of tax specialists covering all of the major European Economies, and most EU member States. 

All partners in VAT Forum are professionally qualified, run their own practices, and previously gained high level experience within major accounting or legal practices within the country in which they operate.  If you have business dealings elsewhere in Europe and need top quality, pragmatic and cost effective advice, talk to Jan Kaucký.  He will provide you with the basic advice you need and, if you want someone on the ground where you are trading, he will introduce you to the appropriate VAT Forum partner.

VAT Forum is a tax network that works and our partners are confident that the services we offer match up to that of any other international network.

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Education and Training

Through VAT Forum, we offer an annual VAT conference (usually in the Spring in Spain), which tends to include both top VAT specialists as well as guest speakers from the European Commission, as well as an annual International School (usually in the Autumn in Belgium), dealing with some of the complex issues arising from cross border trade

Supply and Install

Many businesses involved in supply and install contracts with EU countries frequently experience difficulty with the VAT treatment of supplies. Using our international network we can simplify the process of dealing with foreign tax authorities and ensure that the correct VAT position is achieved.

Eighth / Thirteenth Directive

If you incur VAT on costs incurred in other EU Member States you may be able to recover it by way of an Eighth Directive claim. Equally, non resident businesses may also be able to recover Czech VAT charged to them. Jan Kaucký can assist you in submitting the necessary claims.

Non Resident Businesses

Many non resident businesses beginning to trade in the Czech Republic experience difficulties with VAT. Jan Kaucký can help them to overcome the hurdles which are frequently experienced by such businesses in relation to VAT.

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